New Technology for a Mobile Generation

As our society becomes increasingly mobile, a new generation of technology is needed to address the needs of a society on the go. Cinarra’s groundbreaking technology brings together the knowledge of experts with diverse expertise – from web platform technologies to telecom networks to ad tech – to deliver capabilities that will build a foundation for a new economic model.



Cinarra’s proprietary technology serves as the glue that ties the cloud-based DSP functionality and the campaign management functionality together with the operator-managed DMP in a manner that preserves consumer privacy. Through use of deep audience understanding gained from real-time data, Cinarra’s RTR technology allows for better targeted advertising in large-scale Real-Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchanges. Cinarra’s RTR technology provides ad recommendations based on inferred interests and real-time location.

Location Analytics

Cinarra’s location analytics engine is capable of processing streaming updates from millions of subscribers in real time while building extensive insights about subscribers based on their real world behavior, allowing for delivery of effective targeted mobile advertisements.

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