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Cinarra partners with both ad platforms and mobile operators, bridging the divide between these two very different industries to deliver a highly efficient means of targeting consumers with the right ad at the right time – and always in a manner that preserves privacy. By allowing for deep audience understanding through the processing of a new type of data – unmatched by what exists today – Cinarra’s next-generation mobile advertising solution creates a win, win, win situation for advertisers, operators and consumers.

07/12/17 12:55 PDT Cinarra Systems Raises $20 Million Series B Funding Led by SoftBank

Cinarra is the first to create a united ecosystem for mobile operators and advertisers, bringing new value to the deep mobile data rooted in today’s ‘always on’ lifestyle

SANTA CLARA, CA – July 16, 2015 – Cinarra Systems, today announced that it secured $20 million in Series B funding led by SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”), the Japan-based telecom subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. In addition, Cinarra has begun joint business operations in Japan with SoftBank, offering new opportunities for Japanese advertisers to engage with consumers. SoftBank has introduced the service to its network in Japan, operating a targeted advertising platform.

07/12/17 12:58 PDT Cinarra: Making Mobile Ads Matter

What does it take to get a startup off the ground? In today’s always-on, always plugged-in lifestyle, the answer is innovation. An area where this is particularly of note is the mobile space. OTT apps like WhatsApp and Wechat have certainly made their mark, and mobile operators are tasked with developing a counter to make up for lost revenue.

07/12/17 12:53 PDT Cinarra Systems raises $20 million in Series B funding

Ad-analytics platform Cinarra Systems raised $20 million in Series B funding on Thursday to fuel global expansion.

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