Big-Data Attracts Big Dollars, New Faces

Alex Zinin, CEO and co-founder of Cinarra, told us the Menlo Park, Calif., company is testing its technology with some Tier 1 operators. Cinarra’s technology is two-fold: software that integrates within the operator network and a mediation platform that Cinarra hosts to aggregate the data from various operators, analyze it using a proprietary algorithm, and monetize it for application providers.

Zettics Corp., another startup you might not have heard of, is already serving the big-data needs of all four Tier 1 wireless operators in the US. It was formed in 2011 by the merger of GroundTruth and Umber Systems and has since raised $34 million in funding.

Unlike other new faces like Guavus Inc. , Zettics analyzes all the data that comes through operator networks. And it licenses software equipped with a patented dynamic learning engine to weed out the most important data to the mobile operators that they can monitor on their own. (See: That Big Data Sinking Feeling.)

Rather than alert an operator if a certain cell tower is running hot, Joe Levy, Zettics’ vice president of strategic consulting, told us the software would describe what an individual subscriber is doing to overload it. If a customer calls in to complain that the person’s data usage was reported incorrectly, Zettics platforms can quickly determine if that’s true and why. Levy says there are 60 use cases for which that it can test.

She points out that Telefónica SA (NYSE: TEF) is another operator that set up its Dynamic Insights unit last year to create value out of customer big-data.

The technology solutions underpinning such ventures may well be custom designed and integrated at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before we get more start-ups entering the market with products in this area. It’s an algorithm war out there at the moment as everyone tries to create the “killer” equation for big-data analysis.

“I want to build a billion dollar company,” Zinin said. “Along that path, if we have IPO as an option, we’ll consider that. If there’s a reasonable acquisition option we think we can continue building that business, we’ll consider it as well.”


07/12/17 12:55 PDT Cinarra Systems Raises $20 Million Series B Funding Led by SoftBank

Cinarra is the first to create a united ecosystem for mobile operators and advertisers, bringing new value to the deep mobile data rooted in today’s ‘always on’ lifestyle

SANTA CLARA, CA – July 16, 2015 – Cinarra Systems, today announced that it secured $20 million in Series B funding led by SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”), the Japan-based telecom subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. In addition, Cinarra has begun joint business operations in Japan with SoftBank, offering new opportunities for Japanese advertisers to engage with consumers. SoftBank has introduced the service to its network in Japan, operating a targeted advertising platform.

07/12/17 12:07 PDT Cinarra’s New Mediation Platform Unites Mobile Operator and Internet Advertising Industries to Create a New Business Model

With SoftBank as first operator partner, Cinarra unveils an industry first platform which enables mobile operators to participate in the Internet advertising economy

24/11/17 01:12 PDT Cinarra Systems Secures $4.5M Series A Funding From Almaz Capital, Cisco

Mobile Operator Data Analytics and Monetization Startup Secures International Venture Capital and Strategic Investments to Further Its Product Development and Go-to-Market Efforts

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