Reaching Consumers at a New Level

Mobile advertising effectiveness and performance can be greatly improved with better real-time consumer data. Through a first-of-its-kind solution, Cinarra is taking advertising beyond the current desktop-based methods, reinventing the way advertisers reach their target audiences through real-life intelligence.

Taking advantage of the ‘always on’ data available only from mobile operators, advertisers can use Cinarra’s mediation platform to target consumers with significantly improved ad relevancy, leading to better offers and better performance.

Ultimately, consumers – who can now enjoy the new applications and services enabled by an innovative new economic model – are the winners.

Eliminating Complexities. Breaking Barriers.

As consumers increasingly embrace the mobile lifestyle, many traditional models are being disrupted. Even newer web-based advertising paradigms are losing effectiveness as consumers break free of their desktop devices and rely on their mobile phones as their constant, on-to-go companion. But this presents a new opportunity to connect with consumers. Utilizing the ‘always on’ real life data provided by mobile users, advertisers and brands can tap into an entirely new and much richer trove of mobile intelligence.

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