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As consumers increasingly embrace the mobile lifestyle, many traditional models are being disrupted. Even newer web-based advertising paradigms are losing effectiveness as consumers break free of their desktop devices and rely on their mobile phones as their constant, on-to-go companion. But this presents a new opportunity to connect with consumers. Utilizing the ‘always on’ real life data provided by mobile users, advertisers and brands can tap into an entirely new and much richer trove of mobile intelligence.

07/12/17 12:56 PDT Big-Data Attracts Big Dollars, New Faces

The opportunity in helping wireless operators parse through hoards of big-data (and make money on it) is attracting a rash of startups, each armed with fresh funding and claiming a unique value proposition.

The latest is Cinarra Systems, which announced a $4.5 million series A round of funding Thursday. The one-year-old company is not offering many details on its product plans, but it says its goal is to act as a mediator between operators and over-the-top (OTT) apps, bringing network intelligence to OTTs to improve their services.

07/12/17 12:59 PDT Reality Check: Mobile operators cashing in on real life data intelligence

For years, telecom operators have watched as over-the-top services utilize their networks to deliver revenue-generating services at the expense of operators’ traditional revenue sources, such as voice and text messaging.

07/12/17 01:00 PDT Editors Day Santa Clara 2015 Interview with Cinarra Systems

Santa Clara 2015. Interview with Cinarra Vice President of Business Operations Larry Chao.

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