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Cinarra: Making Mobile Ads Matter

By Maurice Nagle
Web Editor

What does it take to get a startup off the ground? In today’s always-on, always plugged-in lifestyle, the answer is innovation. An area where this is particularly of note is the mobile space. OTT apps like WhatsApp and Wechat have certainly made their mark, and mobile operators are tasked with developing a counter to make up for lost revenue.

At the recent Editor’s Day Silicon Valley, Cinarra Vice President of Business Operations Larry Chao sat down with TMC to discuss how it is transforming the way mobile advertising is done. This mobile advertising and analytics startup was founded in 2012, and works with mobile operators helping them deliver engaging and relevant mobile ads based on available data.

Chao explains that while there are more devices out there, engagement has decreased. The problem is that people try to take the classic desktop model to mobile, and much like a round peg in a square hole, it does not fit. Operators need to take advantage of the mobile device. It is something that is always with you, always on and about as personal as a device can get.

By partnering with mobile operators, Cinarra can access data to improve experiences. Based on this data, one can tell what someone’s interest are and as a result, provide relevant and location based advertising. So, as OTT continues killing providers, this offers a new way to participate in the mobile economy.

Cinarra partners with mobile operators and works with them to deliver advertising exchange, venturing into the advertising ecosystem together.

Chao noted that Cinarra does not simply apply the desktop model. The individual is not tracked, the focus rather is location. He explained,

A lot o f people talk about location, but because we partner with mobile operator we have highly precise and accurate data.

He continued,

“Our special sauce is the ability to take the mobile operator assets and advertising ecosystem and bring them together.”

This summer the firm wrapped up a $20 million round of funding, bringing its total to $35 million.

As operators take the hit from OTT services, it is mission critical to foster new revenue streams, and mobile services as the perfect medium.

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