A New Platform for a New Economy

Cinarra partners with both ad platforms and mobile operators, bridging the divide between these two very different industries to deliver a highly efficient means of targeting consumers with the right ad at the right time – and always in a manner that preserves privacy. By allowing for deep audience understanding through the processing of a new type of data – unmatched by what exists today – Cinarra’s next-generation mobile advertising solution creates a win, win, win situation for advertisers, operators and consumers.

Cinarra’s Product Suite

Cinarra’s open, cloud-based platforms seamlessly integrate with multiple mobile operators, RTB-enabled ad exchanges, and advertising platforms.

The following key elements of Cinarra’s product offering provide new targeting, insights and real life mobile advertising attribution capabilities for advertisers.

Advertising Mediation Platform

The cloud-based AMP integrates with mobile advertising exchanges and networks on one side, and mobile operators on the other. Through its architecture, AMP fronts the protocol integration with numerous advertising platforms, including real-time bidding-enabled ad exchanges, making it possible for mobile operators to participate in the advertising ecosystem with minimal upfront investments. This operator demand side platform (DSP) enables advertisers to create campaigns, specify targeting strategies, as well as providing in-depth advertising campaign performance reports.

Carrier Mobile Analytics Platform

This software platform resides in mobile operators’ networks and serves as the primary analytical engine, carrier data management (cDMP) and audience targeting platform. It is capable of processing streaming updates from millions of subscribers in real time, and integrates with Cinarra’s AMP through Cinarra’s unique Real-Time Recommendation (RTR) technology. The platform scales horizontally to process billions of recommendation requests per month, and builds extensive insights about subscribers based on their real world behavior, allowing for effective mobile ad targeting. The platform’s privacy-by-design architecture accommodates the stringent data protection and privacy regulations within the telecom and advertising industries, as well as current industry practices.

Campaign Management Platform

A purpose-built web platform, hosted and operated by Cinarra, the CMP enables advertisers to create campaigns; specify individual ads, associated budgets, targeting and technical parameters; upload and manage creative; as well as receive performance reports.

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