Cinarra is a technology startup that is addressing the changing economics of an increasingly
mobile society. By uniting mobile operators and their unique, ‘always on’ data assets with the
advertising ecosystem, Cinarra unlocks real life data that makes it possible for advertisers to
match campaigns to consumers’ activities in the real world.

Through groundbreaking technology, Cinarra is creating the foundation for a new mobile Internet


Cinarra is in an excellent position to be the first to establish a global platform that is
open for mobile operators and advertising platforms, enabling them to participate in a new
business model that will drive the next phase of growth for the mobile Internet economy.

Alex Zinin, Co-Founder & CEO, Cinarra Systems

Growing needs in mobile communication have propelled us into a new mobile Internet economy. The next phase of the industry evolution requires a new technology to leverage the ‘always on’ consumer lifestyle.

Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO, SoftBank Corp.

The Fundamental Problem for Mobile Operators

Mobile network operators have invested billions of dollars in infrastructure, but have had very limited success capitalizing on the subscriber intelligence held within their networks. By only focusing revenue efforts on voice and data services, they’re leaving billions of dollars on the table. Smart operators want to create a successful business model that will enable the next phase of growth for the mobile Internet economy, while also delivering benefits to consumers.

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Challenges in Mobile Advertising

Following are the fundamental components that are required for the mobile advertising industry to fully realize its potential. The challenge is combining them all in a single platform.

Unlocking the New Internet Economy

As mobile communication becomes more and more central to consumers’ lives, the next evolutionary phase requires a new generation of technology that unites key players, allowing them to cooperate intelligently to leverage the ‘always on’ consumer lifestyle. Cinarra is breaking down barriers to create a foundation for a new mobile economy.

Bridging Industries

Cinarra is bringing together mobile operators and their unique data assets with the advertising ecosystem, creating a new economic platform for a mobile generation.

Delivering Intelligence

Through the use of ‘always on’ data gathered from real world activities, Cinarra’s platform delivers a deeper level of intelligence, giving advertisers new targeting capabilities for highly effective campaigns.

Protecting Privacy

Cinarra’s privacy-preserving architecture allows consumers to enjoy new applications, services and relevant offers without worries.

Our Team

The Cinarra team has a very unique blend of talent, combining expertise in traditional telecom with cutting-edge web architecture and advertising know-how.

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